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in the pre-Republican period in düzce in subsistence agriculture was provided. Agriculture and trade in the field of teskilatlanma the stretches up to 1890. The region's fertile and flat land ownership is a corn, wheat, sugar beet and tobacco farming is especially brings to the fore the war.16 November 1927, also collected in Akhisar Tobacco congress, Duzce Tobacco, on behalf of the city of Pilgrims Nuri Bey by a private exhibited in the pavilion, most of the members, tobacconist great appreciated. Duzce therefore, the Chamber of Agriculture “silver medal” was awarded with. Duzce representative of the Pilgrims Nuri Bey, the Congress of Honor Book “Turkish Economic life, which constitutes the first tobacco exhibition of all the Duzce agriculturists and traders with the greeting in the name of aksihar I salute people,” he wrote.

In düzce, which began production thanks to the years between 1920 and 1950 the importance of trade in agricultural products has started to feel.since 1956, now in the county of agricultural products, processing of forest products, as well as with the transition to industry. First, in the mountain village, which is small-scale industrialization movement, the city centre, within a short time, skidded to a more modern system that works with businesses and Duzce become the locomotive of the industry. The forest products industry in the 1990s has been reached, Düzce, and is driven by the manufacturing sector of the country, approximately 17 % of the reach.

Especially in the 1960s, industrialization, the speed of the movement to gain employment opportunities at the same time, increased trade that occurred in the life of vitality ,Duzce establishment of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has made it mandatory to. Duzce the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Mayor of the revolution Afer Tutuncuoglu, vice President Irfan Kazukoglu, members of Zechariah, Altan, Mahmut Tekin and Hilmi Jewellery by 20 April 1959 was carried out. The room with the establishment of düzce in a more rapid industrialization. in 1976 incentives in the pilot region from Düzce ‘75 to the company investment incentive certificates granted, 1979-1980 year, with the majority of companies registered with the automobile industry, agricultural machinery, construction materials, medicine, agriculture and other sectors of activity started to show. In the meantime, Duzceli industrialists in grants have benefited from the processing of agricultural products and related investments in sectors.

between the years 1977-2003 building service ,September 2003 completed the existing service building has been moved. The existing service building 2.Floor member operations,3.in the floor of the administration and the assembly hall , 4.in the floor of the Meeting Room is located. TSE and DEIK, the Local Representative of our Room service. Our room in 2004 and ISO 9001 Quality Management system, established in 2007, TOBB Room included in the Accreditation System has been “Accredited Chamber”. Our room for Two months in a Monthly Activity Bulletin publishes. ICC (International Chamber Of Commerce ) and the td-ihk (German-Turkish chamber of Commerce and Industry). Eastern European Business Development Center (ABIGEM) A. S . and TR 42-East Marmara Development Agency (BRAND) board of directors, in the room we are represented.

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