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Düzce tradesmen and craftsmen credit and guarantee cooperatives President Ertan STONE was born 20 November 1969 in Ankara. Primary and secondary education in Ankara, Ankara balgat Technical high school began his education and graduated from high school. Duzce University, duzce vocational school automotive Department associate degree and at the same time, has a BS degree from the Business School of Anadolu University.


began shipping in 1989 hometown in düzce, which is esnaflig and apparel sectors. Our president, the cooperative of craftsmen and artisans credit guarantee in 1992 has been a member of S. S. Duzce. Düzce düzce Chamber of Commerce and at the same time the central region and vehicle drivers, motor carriers and tractor truck is a member of the cooperative. In the month of April 2006, düzce tradesmen and craftsmen credit bail at the General Assembly to serve as President of the S. S. has been. Düzce Chamber of Commerce and industry at the same time our president is a member of T. O. B. B. General Assembly Delegates , ESGIMTAS Inc. The Supervisory Board has served in our President right now TESKOMB General Assembly delegate, the regional guarantee cooperatives Chairman of the Union of Trades Bolu , Düzce Chamber of trade and industry as the President engages in.


in 2014, again with the support of all of our members at the General Assembly to the selected task is continuing and married and one boy, one girl, father of two children.

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Deputy President of the Assembly
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