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4/1/2016 3:31:00
2015 Activity Bulletin Published
11/29/2016 10:00:00
Chamber Bulletin November 2016
2/4/2016 2:27:00
April 12-19 will be held in 2016, KOSGEB support, 119. Duzce TSO members who wants to go to China Import and export commodities Fair allocation of vehicles will be made.
12/22/2015 8:44:00
12/10/2015 10:46:00
Effective Sales Training Announcement
11/9/2015 6:08:00
Düzce Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the ordinary council meeting this evening 18:00, the assembly hall will be held in our main room.
9/10/2015 3:55:00
8/17/2015 6:10:00
Düzce Chamber of Commerce and industry today in ordinary session, at 18:00 will be held.
8/13/2015 2:01:00
Chamber Bulletin June 2016
3/18/2015 9:18:00
2014 Annual Report
3/18/2015 9:16:00
Monthly Activity Bulletin
2/9/2015 2:46:00
December 2014 Professional Qualification Examination needs to be done due to the unavailability of the training, successfully completing the exam, a lot of the driver to prevent the victimization of the Regulation in article 23 is tasked with the control made by the institutions and organizations,
2/9/2015 2:32:00
Municipal water and sewer services to those who take advantage of cost for waste water to such a request, given the lawsuit against the decision of the court and the court of Appeals of the notice to be posted in the attachment. About our members announced
12/3/2014 9:55:00
T. C. ministry of Customs and Trade General Directorate of Internal Trade within the framework of the provisions of 01.01.2015 all as of the Date of registration (transplant center, share transfer, assignment manager, change of address, changes to the articles of association, the general assembly v. b.) enable users via is to be performed, as of this date the company officials belonging enable users with an electronic signature on the application is not made of the company of the transactions will not be registered.
11/17/2014 3:28:00
Duzce TSO Honorary President Cakir, Düzce Governor Ali Ihsan Water, Mayor Mehmet Keles, BRAND General Secretary Dr. Fatih Akbulut and some bureaucrats, together with the Düzce in the field of Tourism, the sister city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, on official visit.
11/17/2014 3:22:00
Duzce chamber of Commerce and Industry, for years, düzce, and which cannot be solved at the middle school down the order to struggle with substance abuse within the European Union the project is prepared.
11/17/2014 3:19:00
We are in the Social Safety Week activities within the scope of our room visiting SSI Düzce Provincial Director Erkin Hunter, Assistant principal, erhan, Sergeant, Chief Human Resources Lore is Awesome, Bağ-Kur responsible for the Pension Revolution Singh Lawyer and Wish Bayraktutar, Duzce TSO Honorary President Cakir.
11/17/2014 3:06:00
Turkey union of chambers and commodity exchanges of 70. Financial General assembly made it.
11/17/2014 3:02:00
Turkey union of chambers and commodity exchanges as a result of,
11/17/2014 2:57:00
Turkey union of chambers and commodity exchanges (TOBB), the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, ministry of National Education and the TOBB university of Economics and Technology in cooperation with applied UMEM Skills'10 project scope was expanded. Accordingly, the new protocol, all in the vocational high schools, vocational training courses, which can be opened, all with a private company and an employee of the company, the UMEM ability'10 Project staff will be able to provide. This new protocol within the scope of the private sector of the industry and to meet the need for qualified personnel is an important step in the direction it was thrown.

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Announcements and Events