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In the period of 2018-2021, our first priority will be ensuring that Duzce Chamber of Commerce and Industry would be an A Class Accredited Chamber. For this purpose, necessary feasibility studies and SWOT Analysis will be carried out immediately and technical and administrative steps taken. We will make the chamber one of the well-known ones with continuing education and training of personnel and our ambitiuos,strong-willed assembly members.

We already determined as a period vision that to become a pilot region in medicinal aromatic plant cultivation, an exemplary province in the field of Agricultural Development, a pilot region in Defense Industry and establishing an Organic Agriculture OIZ and Forest Products Specialized OIZ and leading province in public-industry-university collaboration.

In the coverage of the objectives of our chamber ,we are aiming to carry out many projects such as national and international fairs,education and training programmes in accordance with the needs and demands of the members and incubation center will be supported by Our Science-Technology Commission

We are aiming that Duzce will get the maximum added value with the number of our members over 5.000 and the companies that have a say in the exporting of the country and our close relations with public institutions. We will continue our efforts with determination with our 31 Assembly Members and 26 staff.

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